To support the safe return of cricket, all individuals involved in the return to cricket (including players, parents, coaches, management and staff) must comply with this Code of Behaviour. You must:

Read and comply with the COVID-19 education presentation provided to you by TMGA;

Comply with the health screening protocols in place at the training venue, including undergoing screening for COVID-19 symptoms (such as through the completion of a daily health questionnaire and/or temperature check)

Immediately inform the COVID-19 Medical Officer and not access, or seek to access, to the Sports Centre or Academy training sessions, if:

  • (a) you (or anyone with whom you have been in contact) develop any symptoms of COVID-19,
  • (b) you (or anyone with whom you have been in contact) be contacted by the Sports Centre being informed you’ve been at training or the Sports Centre with someone who has been tested positive for COVID-19. and/or
  • (c) you (or anyone with whom you have been in contact) be required to self-isolate in accordance with official guidance.

When away from the Sports Centre or Academy training, avoid all non-essential, prolonged indoor activity and ensure that any outdoor social or leisure activities are conducted in a low-risk environment where social distancing can be maintained at all times;

Observe and comply with all relevant guidelines, guidance, rules and advice published or in force from time to time by the National Government, State Government, Public Health Authorities, TMGA, DYPSA and/or additional authorities or bodies relating to COVID-19 and/or cricket and all applicable laws for India in India operations and UK for operations based in the UK. This includes, without limitation:

  • Maintaining social distancing, wherever possible;
  • Washing and/or sanitising your hands regularly;
  • Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (including face coverings) in accordance with the Guidelines;
  • Observing all one-way systems in place at all venues;
  • Following each host venue’s guidance on travel to the relevant venue to minimise the use of shared or public transport;
  • Abiding by Government and Health guidelines whilst away from TMGA activities;
  • Supporting NHS Test and Trace for operations based in the UK.

If you breach any of the provisions of the Guidelines or provide any incorrect/false/misleading information intentionally, depending on the severity of the breach, TMGA or DYPSA may issue you with a written or verbal warning and/or remove you from the relevant venue. In addition, you may also face disciplinary action (including the termination of your membership) if you breach any of the provisions of the Guidelines. In most severe cases where individuals do not share truthful information regarding their COVID-19 exposure or even COVID-19 contraction in the Health Disclaimer Questionnaire, then TMGA and DYPSA will inform and co-operate with legal institutions and the Police, where applicable.